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GCA September 2018 Student of the Month: Claire Smith

GCA After School Program is available Monday-Friday from 3:05-5:30 p.m.
After school care is available for partial school days, due to Parent/Teacher Conferences and the day before some holidays. The school office is closed on all holidays and non-school days.
Price: $7 per day, per child • Grades: K - 8th
For more information, view/download After School Program Parent Handbook (pdf).


Student of the Month

Congratulations to Ella (1st Grade), our February 2020 “Student of the Month” award winner with proud parents below.

GCA February 2020 Student of the Month: Ella


Congratulations to Moses (3rd Grade), our January 2020 “Student of the Month” award winner with proud mom and step-dad below.

GCA January 2020 Student of the Month: Moses


Congratulations to Colt (1st Grade), our November 2019 “Student of the Month” award winner with proud parents below.

GCA November 2019 Student of the Month: Colt


Congratulations to Johnny (3rd Grade), our October 2019 “Student of the Month” award winner with proud parents and grand parents below.

GCA October 2019 Student of the Month: Johnny


Congratulations to Allison (Kindergarten), our September 2019 “Student of the Month” award winner with proud parents below.

GCA September 2019 Student of the Month: Allison


Congratulations to Leonora (3rd Grade), our August 2019 “Student of the Month” award winner with proud mom and grandma below.

GCA August 2019 Student of the Month: Leonora



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• View/download our School Calendar 2020-21 (pdf)

• View/download our School Calendar 2019-20 (pdf)

Supply Lists

View/download the following suppy lists:
Kindergarten (pdf)
1st Grade (pdf)
2nd Grade (pdf)
3rd-4th Grade (pdf)
5th-6th Grade (pdf)
7th-8th Grade (pdf)


Uniform Guidelines

Polo shirt OR Oxford style shirt (girls and boys):
  • a. short or long sleeve
  • b. solid navy or white color (with or without GCA logo stitch**)
  • c. purple polo with GCA logo stitch**
  • d. may be worn with a black or navy tie (optional)
Sweater, vest, cardigan, GCA sweatshirt (girls and boys):
  • a. allowed over shirt or blouse
  • b. sweater may be navy, black, or white color (with or without GCA logo)
  • c. GCA logo sweatshirt allowed at all times (Submit a Sweatshirt Order Form to place an order.)
  • d. Solid navy or white color (with or without GCA logo stitch**)
Pants OR shorts (girls and boys) OR capris (girls only):
  • a. belt loop style and worn at the waist
  • b. solid khaki or navy
  • c. walking short length for shorts (knee length)
  • d. not tight, skinny, undersized or oversized
  • e. bellbottoms, or cargo styling
  • f. may be worn with a belt (optional)
Skirts or skorts or jumpers (girls only):
  • a. khaki or navy solid color
  • b. knee length (touching the floor when kneeling)
Shoes (girls and boys):
  • a. no open-toed or open-backed shoes
  • b. must be worn with socks or tights
Socks (girls and boys):
  • a. solid black, navy, or white
  • b. knee highs and tights – solid white, cream, navy, or black

As the school determines, events and field trips may call for other clothing options. Grace Christian Academy may adjust and amend the dress code to suit an activity.
**All purple and GCA logo items are specially ordered through the school office.

Free Dress

On the last Friday of each month, free dress will be allowed for students. On those days, students are expected to follow the above general notes. Additional free dress days may be added when Student Council has gone through the proper process to obtain approval.

P.E. Dress Code & Supplies

Kindergarten through grade 2:
1. GCA Logo Purple T-Shirt* (Submit a P.E. T-shirt Order Form to place an order.)
2. Good athletic shoes
*These selected items may be worn on the day of your scheduled P.E. class.

Grades 3 through 8:
Students will come to school in the normal dress-code attire and change into their P.E. clothes during their lunch break.
1. Small gym bag (to hold contents listed below)
2. Good athletic shoes
3. GCA Logo Purple T-Shirt* (available through the school office)
4. Navy blue or black knee-length athletic shorts (no short shorts) and/or navy blue or black warm-up/ sweat pants (no leggings or yoga pants)
5. Sunscreen, sunglasses, visor or hat, towel, water bottle

Students in grades 3 through 8 who fail to dress for P.E. will receive a lower grade for that day. In addition, participation may be limited as a result of clothing choice and the level of activity.

Dress Code

Grace Christian Academy is a workplace for students and teachers. All are to dress in a way that facilitates our work and that shows respect for the school and for others. If unsure whether or not an item meets the spirit of the dress code, consider if the item conforms to school activity, is modest, is in line with the uniform guidelines (below), and whether or not the item will draw extra attention toward the wearer and away from the school as a workplace. If still unsure, please check with a teacher or the office prior to wearing the item to school.

General Notes:
• Neat and clean.
• Hair is to be naturally colored, neatly groomed, and conservatively styled.
• Shoes designed for laces are to be worn with appropriate, tied laces.
• If a student becomes cold in a classroom, he/she may wear a sweater (plain navy blue or white) or a GCA Logo item. (NO jackets are to be worn inside the classroom)
• Outerwear coats, jackets, non-GCA sweatshirts, and hats are to be worn outside only.
• Each student is required to own at least one purple GCA logo Polo or Oxford style shirt to be worn on field trips and during assemblies.
• Each student is required to own at least one GCA logo style sweatshirt .
• Each student is required to own at least one P.E. logo style t-shirt.

The following items are not within the dress code and are not to be worn to school:
• Tee-shirts, halter tops, tank tops, midriff shirts, low-cut tops, tight-fitting tops or body suits, sweat suits, wind suits, sun dresses with spaghetti straps, and any bare-shouldered garments
• Cut-off shorts, tennis shorts, bike pants and leggings of any types
• Baggy, sagging, or dragging the floor clothing
• Excessive jewelry, makeup, or perfume that is looking for attention or is too obvious
• Visible tattoos or jewelry in pierced body parts (other than simple earrings for girls)